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Puptown Girls Pet Rescue

After spending several years fostering for various rescues, volunteering at the local shelter, and seeing the amount of animals that need help throughout the state of Florida, Puptown Girls Pet Rescue was founded in February 2019. Shelters are full of amazing dogs who are just waiting to be saved. Black dogs, white dogs, brown dogs….bully breeds, hound dogs, fuzzy dogs…young dogs, old dogs, puppies…all caught in the revolving door of failed adoptions of people who do not understand them.  

Well, we are here to help! Puptown Girls is a small, all breed, foster based, and donation funded rescue dedicated to helping the needy pets in Florida. Our goal is to help find dogs their perfect forever home.

 We are always looking for new fosters to join us! Interested in joining our team? We supply all medical care needed, as well as food. You supply a safe and loving home where the dog can learn to be a well socialized member of society! 

Current Adoptables

Looking to add a furry friend to your family? Click below to view our current adoptable pets or simply 
select the "apply" link above! 

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